New Zealand Lawn Mower Racing Association Rules
– July 2021

PART 1 Driver Eligibility

Release from liability: All drivers shall sign and submit a release of indemnity in the prescribed form discharging the organisers from all liability. 

Drivers under 15 years: All drivers under 15 years must produce a written and signed (Minors  Release) form granting permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate. It is recommended that under 15’s race in class one and beginners start off the back of the grid until their confidence and driving skills are adequate to compete in the group.

PART 2 – Driver Equipment

Helmet: Every driver shall wear a protective helmet which shall be full face style with solid fixed chin protection and complies with safety standards for motorbikes and/or other motorsports.  All drivers shall also wear a neck brace.

Safety Clothing : Every driver shall wear full-body clothing, which is constructed of substantial material and which is of suitable construction.

Overalls or long trousers and long-sleeved shirts are the minimum standard. 

Every driver shall wear secured closed footwear. Gumboots are not permitted. Every driver must ensure that clothing cannot be caught up in the machinery, chains, belts or any moving parts of his mower.
Gloves are compulsory.

Eye Protection: Goggles, standards-approved prescription safety glasses, or visors must be worn at all times while racing. 

PART 3 – Pit And Track Areas 


“Crew” means guests of the driver who assist in the preparation, repair, etc., of the vehicle and who are permitted to enter the pit area. 

“Pit area” means a separate area set aside for drivers and/or pit crew to perform any work on mowers. This area is identified as one of the controlled safety cones.
Steward or Marshal” means an official or person assigned the task of supervising behaviour and other matters in the pit track areas. 

Track area” means track and surrounding area to any external boundaries. The actual track width shall be determined by the available space at the venue recommended 4  to 5 metres minimum. 

Any obstacles within 5m of track area need to be identified as a hazard, and action is taken to minimize these hazards. 

No part of the track should come within 5m of any other part of the track without a safety barrier.  Spectators should be a minimum of 5m from the track and have a safety barrier.  No support crew or friends of a driver are permitted on the track area unless permitted and sign an  indemnity form.

Crew on grid: No mower may have more than 1 attendant on the grid, in addition to the driver.

Re-fuelling: At any time fuel is being added to a mower—
a. The driver must have dismounted the mower and the mower engine must be turned off. b. At any time fuel is being added to a hot machine a correctly rated fire extinguisher must be at hand.
c. This is a smoke-free zone – no one is to be smoking or vaping within the pit and track area,  both controlled safety Zones.

Pets: No pets in the pit or track area.

Vehicles permitted on track area: No vehicles other than race mowers or official vehicles such as tow vehicles or track maintenance vehicles shall be on or near the track area.

PART 4 – Technical Inspections

Approval for participation:
The logbook for each mower shall be presented as part of scrutineering. The Technical Inspector must first approve any mower. 
Any fault detected must be recorded in the log book and then rectified. 
If a fault in non-compliance but not deemed not dangerous on the day this shall be recorded as being required to be amended before the next race event and put in their log book.

At any time deemed necessary, the technical inspector may require the driver to participate in a re-inspection of the mower before participation can continue. e.g. after a crash or incident resulting in possible damage. 
This shall also be recorded in their log book.
Unsafe or unstable construction: The technical inspector may refuse any mower on the grounds of unsafe or unstable construction.
This shall be agreed upon with a scrutineer and a club official and recorded with both signatures in the owners’ logbook.

Mower classification:
It is the responsibility of the driver to correctly designate the engine type,  size, and event classification. In the spirit of this sport, this is an honest statement upon the owners.

Guidelines for Technical Inspection Overview
The person or persons assigned the task of inspecting competition mowers should bear in mind;  the primary objective at any event is the safety of all persons.
One person shall be selected as the Chief Technical Inspector and it is he/she will be authorized to sign the log book of the mower and record pass or fail and the reason for failure. The chief inspector or scrutineer shall be someone who is experienced in mower construction and all safety aspects of a race mower and the rules. 
The inspection itself should include checking the complete scrutineering checklist, the mower, the rider, and his safety clothing and equipment.

PART 5 – General Provisions

 Any club that wishes to specify any changes to mowers or rules that are outside the parameters of the National Society rules and guidelines for a specific race meet or special event, needs to advise the National Body of their requirements and reasoning behind their request at least two months before the event so that all clubs have time to advise members and prepare.

Drivers Briefing:
All drivers and marshals shall be required to attend all announced drivers and marshals briefings.
Failure or refusal to attend may result in missing some race time.

Mower racing is a Non-contact motor sport and any deliberate or persistent contact will not be tolerated.
You will receive one official warning from track or club officials. 
If you deliberately contact them again you will be asked to put your mower back on the trailer for the rest of that event. 

The responsibility for a safe overtaking or passing maneuver rests with the overtaking driver. 
With safety and fun as our priority, safe passing and respecting the other drivers so you both come off the track with smiles and a handshake is more important than risking damage or injury through dangerous passing. 

Obedience to flags and lights:
The following flag and light signals will be obeyed without question—
Green flag or light shall start or restart a race, which also indicates a restart after a caution or incident. Red flag or light means the racers must stop immediately and safely on the track as there is an incident.
Yellow flag or light–
A held stationary or waved flag, or solid or flashing yellow light indicates trouble ahead, drivers shall proceed with caution slow their speed, and maintain their positions. Overtaking under the yellow flag or light conditions is not permitted.
Black flag indicates a driver is alleged to have committed a serious breach or something on their mower poses a danger to themselves or other drivers. The indicated driver is required to immediately leave the track and make his way to the pit area. The driver shall not complete the race after an open black flag is waved at them. A rolled-up black flag pointed at a driver is a warning they are driving dangerously.
White flag indicates one lap to go.
Chequered flag signifies race end.

Driver Responsibility:
1. If a mower stalls on the track it shall be the first responsibility of the driver to move the mower to a safe position when it is safe to do so, Don’t hop off your mower until the yellow caution flag is up.
2. If a driver leaves the course he/she must re-enter the course as close as practicable to the  area the mower left the course. Driver must not gain any track position advantage. 3. All drivers shall conduct all aspects of their driving with safety and sportsmanship as a  priority above winning. In the spirit of lawnmower racing and safe fun, Driver conduct is key. 

PART 6 – Fuel

Permissible fuels.
Petroleum or gasoline products commonly referred to as super unleaded-premium unleaded- fuels are the only permitted fuels.

PART 7 – General Conduct

No person shall be permitted to participate in any event; or, shall be permitted to enter the pit or track area as a guest or member of the crew, a flag marshal, a starter, or in any other authorized capacity; whilst he/she is in any way affected or under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug.

Prohibited substances and drugs:
No illicit drug, controlled or prohibited substance, shall be tolerated on the venue grounds at any time. The only exemption shall be the possession and use of prescribed medicine, which is properly used by the person to whom it is prescribed.

Abuse of organizers, officials, or other competitors will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may lead to penalty and/or exclusion from the event.